lunedì 7 settembre 2009

10 domande a Big Matt

Yglesias sull'Economist. Riflessione molto condivisibile sul problema afgano.

DIA: You've said America should define a "win" in Afghanistan in achievable terms. How would you define a win? Are you concerned that if we leave an unstable country behind we will have simply bred more anti-Americanism in the region?

Mr Yglesias: I think it's much easier to imagine "winning" in the sense of leaving behind an Afghan government that can prevent the Taliban from taking over than it is to imagine "winning" in the sense of totally eradicating opposition to the Afghan government. You don't want to leave the situation in total chaos, but Afghanistan's never been what you would call a well-governed place as a whole and I don't really think the American government knows some secret formula to turn it into one.

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