sabato 3 ottobre 2009

Il triste destino della SPD

Hendrik Hertzberg e il suo articolo perfetto su storia, presente e possibile futuro della socialdemocrazia tedesca. Uno dei pochi casi nei quali la stampa anglosassone interpreta bene le cose di Germania.

SPD was always steadfast and brave in its resistance to Bolshevism, Nazism, and Stalinism. Tens of thousands of its members and supporters ended up in Nazi and Communist concentration camps. It was the only German party whose record on these nontrivial points was unambiguous, which is why it was the only German party that did not have to change its name and start from scratch after the Second World War. And, of course, the SPD was instrumental in the creation and consolidation of the democratic, humane, and wealthy society that West Germany became after the war and, despite its share of troubles, united Germany remains

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